Case Study: Implementation Of Document Automation In International Law Firm

Name: Kinstellar
Industry: Legal services
Size: 200+ lawyers
Offices: 11 countries




Key Improvements

Automated Documents


Drafting time saved

Document-Automated Offices


Kinstellar is a leading independent law firm in Emerging Europe, Turkey and Central Asia, with offices in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), Belgrade (Serbia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Istanbul (Turkey), Kyiv (Ukraine), Prague (the Czech Republic), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

Key Facts:

  • 11 offices
  • 200+ lawyers
  • 6,500+ matters
  • 10 years

This case study was presented at KM Summit 2019 in London.

“We preferred Legito to other document assembly systems we had tested because Legito allows us to automate documents without coding and programming.​”

Petr Mestanek

Head of Know-how, Kinstellar


  • 11 offices
  • Only two offices with more than 40 lawyers
  • Relatively small volume of documents produced
  • No resources that could be dedicated solely to document automation
  • How to make the initiative profitable


  • We (Kinstellar) have tested two document automation software solutions for three months
  • The testing group had three people – Almaty (Counsel), Bucharest (Know-how lawyer), Prague (Head of Know-how)
  • Automated two pledge agreements using each of the products


  • Price – licence, consultancy
  • Ease of use for author and user – learning curve
  • Can author automate templates without coding knowledge
  • Time needed to automate simple / complex documents
  • Quality of training by the provider
  • Further training needed post trial period
  • Would customization be required before launch
  • Costs / time required for customization
  • Quality of Customer Services
  • Advanced features
  • Reputation of the provider
  • Speed of the software
  • Installation
  • Ease of exit
  • Security
  • Planned developments of the product


  • At the time when we started implementing Legito, there wasn’t the online Power User Traning Course. For that reason, we organized a 2-day intensive workshop for our workspace administrators and creators of automated templates.
  • First, we automated Engagement letter for the Prague office in two language versions: English and Czech. Afterwards, we use English version of the Engagement letter as an example for automation of Engagement letters in other offices.

  • At the same time, we started with automation of a complex set of security documents for bank transactions, consisting mainly from Pledge Agreements.


  • Automated set of security document allows our Prague office to produce documents for each transaction 10x faster.
  • Altogether, our lawyers published 29 automated templates so far. A lot of them are inter-connected (settings and data inserted to one document affects other documents).
  • As an international law firm operating in a region with many different languages, we frequently use “automatic translations” and “bilingual documents” features of Legito, saving us even more time when drafting documents.

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