Case Study: Automation Of Legal Ops in Fast Growing Global Company

Name: ScaleFocus
Industry: Information Technology
Employees: 1000+ specialists
Legal Ops: 3 lawyers




Key Improvements


Drafting time saved

Mistakes per document


Speed-up contracting process

Document-Automated Departments


  • ScaleFocus is a technology, R&D and advanced engineering company operating in the USA and Europe.
  • ScaleFocus is a global Professional IT Services provider that delivers custom software solutions and integrates existing leading products (IBM, AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, TIBCO, Appian, etc.) under the proven consultancy and implementation methodologies. ScaleFocus teams architect and guide their customers’ digital transformation strategies.

Legal Team

  • One of the most intensively driven departments in the company is Legal.
  • The legal department handles most, if not all, cases of contract development and final negotiations with clients.
  • In addition to contract drafting, Legal also deals with external contracts sent to the company by clients, vendors and other interested parties.
  • With the fast expansion of the company into new territories, the overall document turnover is ever-increasing, and more new avenues are pursued, thus generating demand for new types of contractual documents.

“Legal tech helps us have all papers in one place without killing the excitement of the work we are going to do after we sign the entire set of documents.”

Teodora Bobcheva

General Counsel, ScaleFocus


  • Due to the wide array of services provided by the company, every contract has general clauses, but also very specific business aspects.
  • A flexible cloud solution was needed that would automate the drafting of contracts, but also provided the basis for reusability of the know-how and knowledge gained from negotiations.
  • The widely accepted practice of document drafting on familiar word editors such as MS Word and continuous emails back and forth with the client increased the time for closing tremendously, thus costing the company revenue and further opportunities


  • At first glance, the solution seemed very easy to understand and work with.
  • One of the major factors that made ScaleFocus choose Legito was the fully functional 30-day trial where ScaleFocus could figure out how to work with the platform. Right from the start, the company knew that this would solve many of their current issues.
  • The company wanted to see if other products offer similar functionality, since they are thorough in their research, only to find out that Legito’s competitors would either make their process more cumbersome or they did not address many of the company’s vital needs.


  • The Power User Manual helped ScaleFocus a great deal and when the company understood the basics, Legito support took it to the next level by showing ScaleFocus advanced functionalities. It took the company about 2 weeks to understand the full functionality of the platform.
  • ScaleFocus’ usual framework agreements are between 15 and 30 pages. The company also has NDAs and statements of work that are around 3 to 6 pages long, which are the shortest documents the company has. It takes the company about 2 to 3 hours to automate a statement of work and about a day to fully automate an entire framework agreement.


  • Legito is handling ScaleFocus’ entire list of contracts (over 50 different types).
  • ScaleFocus is looking to implement the platform in other departments.
  • ScaleFocus found Legito useful to the point that the company became their distribution partner and ScaleFocus added it to their ever-increasing list of services.
  • The company appreciated the personal and constant connection Scale Focus has with the Legito team.

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Case Study: Automation Of Legal Ops in Fast Growing Global Company

Name: ScaleFocus Website: Industry: Information Technology Employees: 1000+ specialists Legal Ops: 3 lawyers       Key Improvements Drafting time savedMistakes per document Speed-up contracting process Document-Automated...

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