Document Drafting Automation Basics

Feel the magical moment when your first automated clause starts working, and
you realize how much Legito can do for you.

90 min

Lesson 1: Introduction To Legito

Task 1: New Template Suite

In this lesson you will learn how to import an existing document into Legito and convert it into an automated Template.

If not already there, go to your Legito Dashboard. You will find this on the top menu of your page.  You will see a rectangle with the text, + New Template. This is your Loan Agreement Suite placeholder. Click it.

In the pop-up window, enter the name of the New Template as Loan Agreement. For the purposes of this training, please ensure that the language setting is “English-US”. DO NOT uncheck the box next to “Simple template”.

Click Create.

Welcome to your Template Suite. You will see a rectangle reading, “Loan Agreement”. You will also notice another rectangle to the right of that, which reads, +New Template. In the Template Suite, you can create any number of Templates that can be made to relate to each other using Legito Elements, and other logical dependencies.

Task 2: Import Word Document

Now you will import a Word document to be converted your Legito Template.

Download Training Document No. 1 (Sample Loan Agreement).
Direct URL:

Click the Edit button under within the Loan Agreement rectangle, and on the next screen a green window will appear, requesting that you upload a file.

Please upload Training Document No. 1 (Sample Loan Agreement).

Once uploaded, click the Import Word Document button.

The Loan Agreement will now open in Legito Template Editor. You are ready to start automating your first Template.