Advanced Document Automation

Unleash the full potential of document automation. Learn about styles, instructions, complex conditions, and translations.

90 min

This course is a follow-up to Document Drafting Automation Basics. Please complete that course first if you already haven’t.

Lesson 1: Dynamic Text In Header

Task 1: Display Header & Footer

Some Templates may require dynamic text in the header or footer, or both. Here you will learn how to apply them

First, click the Ellipsis icon […] in the top menu, and select the “Display header & footer” option from the dropdown list.

The Header and Footer areas will become visible in the Template Editor:

Task 2: Creditor's Name To the Header

Let’s set the name of the creditor which will be copied to the header. Insert an article into the header, and insert a Link Element into the paragraph, and relate the Link to the creditor name:

Task 3: Condition Related To Pages

Now, we will set up the header so the creditor name appears only on the header of the first page of the document. Click the Edit button to the paragraph and set the Condition so the selected paragraph will be added to the document if it’s on the first page:

Note that if you had added the Condition directly to the Link Element, or to the entire article, the result would be the same.

Important note: Text in headers and footers are not displayed in Legito Document Editor (the tool which users use to generate Documents from the Template). Any content in the header or footer will become visible only after the files are exported as Word/PDF files. It’s because documents in Legito Document Editor are not divided to pages.

Don’t forget to save your template.