Summary of 2019

Phew, last 12 months was a ride! We doubled our team and overcame many obstacles and challenges to reach the goals we set for this year. It definitely wasn’t easy, it wasn’t always fun, it was with a lot of headaches and trips out of my comfort zone, but it was worth it. 100%!

Challenging yourself to grow your business hundreds of percents per year without being backed by investors’ capital, backed only by your skills and hard work, is for sure the hard way of growing a company, but at the end of a year, if you made it, it’s an incredibly liberating feeling.

Since Legito was founded, we kept focusing on innovations and our mission for each year is to have at least twice better product than the one from the end of a previous year. I can proudly say we completed that mission also in 2019. However, this year wasn’t only about software development. We significantly improved also onboarding process and user experience of our newly registered users, rebuild our blog (knowledgebase) and established a lot of exciting partnerships with such great people.

All of the above-mentioned efforts resulted in the rapid growth of our user base while our beloved customers from previous years stayed with us. The fact that we are building a meaningful product that has been helping a lot of people motivates us the most and I can promise that our engagement will continue in 2020.

Last, but not least, nothing of that would be possible without our great and stable team. All the credit goes to my colleagues.

Ondrej Materna

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Summary of 2019

Phew, last 12 months was a ride! We doubled our team and overcame many obstacles and challenges to reach the goals we set for this year. It definitely wasn't easy, it wasn't always fun, it was with a lot of headaches and trips out of my comfort zone, but it was worth...

First impressions from ILSF 2019

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Happy to be part of weXelerate

Happy to be part of weXelerate. WeXelerate is a startup & innovation hub with a unique and thriving ecosystem of open innovation on nearly 9000 sqm that aims to connect startups and established corporates. Each year the weXelerate Accelerator supports 100 of the most...

Legito – Corporate Social Responsibility

Have you ever heard about CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility? CSR is a term used for companies that try to maximize their positive impact on the society while minimizing their negative. Many companies are actively involved in ecologic, social or ethical world...

Legito opens its gates

Dear friends, it has been two years since our start-up was born. After two years of development we succeed in developing our editor for customizable legal templates to the extent that we can move Legito to the next level. I’m very happy to announce that Legito is...

First Year

This week we’ll celebrate our two years anniversary since we founded our startup Legito. Personally I prefer to write about future plans, but I’ve found some nice pictures in my archive that would be shame not share with you. JANUARY 2014 This is the first design of...

How we created our first ad

A few weeks ago we were fortunate that Legito was accepted into Google Export Accelerator. It is absolutely the most fantastic project and it moved us a big step forward. Things that we have learned here are great. I can recommend this accelerator to everyone and try...

Web Summit 2014: How to move half a year ahead in just three days

More than 65 thousand tweets, 1300 start-ups, one thousand journalists and 22 thousand participants from 100 different countries. We participated in one of the biggest European technological conferences of the year: Web Summit in Dublin. In this post I want to share...

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