First impressions from ILSF 2019

It’s been two weeks since the phenomenal Innovative Legal Services Forum Supported by Legito.

We heard a lot of inspiring innovation stories from corporate counsels, attorneys, and legal engineers.

Photo Radek Vebr

I was thinking how was ILSF 2019 different from ILSF 2018 and if there is any unifying element among all speeches.

Well, I finally found one: The majority of lawyers started seeing technology as a friend, not an enemy.

Photo Lukas Biba

For legal departments in the financial sector and large corporations, as well as law firms with more than 200 lawyers, automation became a standard. The question isn’t any more “Do you use document automation?” but “Which document automation do you use?”.

Lawyers from small and mid-size law firms and companies joined the discussion and started actively seeking, testing and using legal technologies.

Photo Radek Vebr

In the previous years, we had a discussion about whether legal tech will replace jobs in legal services, or not. This year, my feeling was that there is no such intensive discussion anymore and the opinion of the vast majority of lawyers, as well as legal engineers, is that legal tech will significantly change the way lawyers work, but will not replace lawyers.

Photo Lukas Biba

Another fact I realized, and it made me super happy, was how many young lawyers (under 30 years) are tech-savvy and excited about legal tech. I think it’s about 50%, which may not seem that impressive compared to other sectors, but it’s still a lot more than previous generations of lawyers. The trend is positive.

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